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The Clem Attlee Board

The Clem Attlee estate is one of the most diverse communities in Hammersmith & Fulham. It’s also an estate with four different housing providers – the council, Notting Hill Genesis, Network Homes, and Shepherds Bush Housing Group.

Residents have told us they see the Clem Attlee Estate as one community and want their housing providers to be working together to provide joined up services for everyone.

The Clem Attlee Board was established in September 2020 to support constructive working relationships between housing providers and their residents. It’s chaired by Cllr Sharon Holder, one of the Fulham Broadway ward councillors.

The Board is getting to grips with issues such as environmental improvements, parking, the new housing developments on the estate, and ways to bring the community closer together. Glen, a member of the Board says; “It’s great to be working together to make a difference on the estate and to have a stronger say on what happens on the Clem Attlee Estate”.

Want to find out more about the Board and what it does?

Have a read of the Board’s agreed terms of reference below.


The Clem Attlee Board acts as the representative body for residents who live amongst the Clem Attlee Estate to promote the “one community” approach and make sure we’re all moving forward together.

The Clem Attlee Board makes proposals and decisions on all matters relating to the delivery of services and community improvements on the Clem Attlee estate. 

Activities of the Board

The Clem Attlee Board will:

  • Identify priorities for service provision
  • Ensure that residents’ views are reflected in the design and provision of services. 
  • Help the Council and other housing providers to make better and more joined up decisions by responding to resident priorities
  • Continually improve the multiple tenant/leaseholder and landlord relationship
  • Be a sounding board for new projects and pilots
  • Improve community cohesion on the Clem Attlee estate
  • Make sure that all people have an equal opportunity to get involved
  • Be a vehicle for increased networking and the sharing of ideas


Membership of the Board is open to residents living on the Clem Attlee estate, Fulham Broadway ward councillors, officers from H&F, Notting Hill Genesis, Shepherds Bush Housing Group, Peabody, and Network Homes.

Board members are required to:

Equalities & Diversity

The council believes in a fair society that gives everyone an equal chance to learn, work and live free from discrimination, harassment, and prejudice and recognises that the diversity of our community is an asset to our borough.

The council will ensure  no-one is discriminated against based on their age, class, disability, employment status, ethnic or national origins, race or colour, HIV status, marital status, religious or political beliefs, responsibilities for children or dependants, sex, sexuality, trade union activities and unrelated criminal convictions.

The Clem Attlee Board will recognise the existence and importance of the different lifestyles within our communities.  The Board will work to ensure that no group or individual will be directly or indirectly discriminated against.

The council will ensure relevant support is provided so that the membership of the Board is accessible to all. 

Frequency of Meetings

The Clem Attlee Board will be held six times per year. Meetings will take place in January, March, May, July, September and November.


A quorum of 5 Board members will be required for the Board meeting to take place.  Inquorate meetings should be noted.  Recommendations from these meetings will usually be ratified at the next quorate meeting but in the case of urgent deadlines, recommendations can be agreed via email, at the discretion of the Chair.

Officer Support

The Board will be provided with officer support in terms of taking meeting notes and compiling meeting papers.

Meeting papers will be sent by email to Board members with at least seven calendar days before the date of the meeting. Notes from the previous meeting will be included with these papers.

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham aims to be the greenest borough. As part of this drive, we won’t send out hard copy papers unless there is a specific request and a proven need by individuals. Papers will be available at the meeting.

Chairing of Meetings

The Board is chaired by Cllr Sharon Holder, ward councillor for Fulham Broadway.

Planning for Future Meetings

Clem Attlee Board members will agree an outline agenda for the next meeting, based on resident, councillor, and officer suggestions and actions that have been agreed at the meeting.

Live on Clem Attlee Estate and want to join the Board?

Get in touch with us on 0208 753 6652 or email