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Kier Hardie House Resident Consultation

We wrote to all residents in October 2020 and asked for thoughts on suggestions to address issues affecting your block. 
•Anti-social behaviour – Fly-tipping
•Illegal and unauthorised parking

Example of fly-tipping: a bed frame, mattress and other rubbish by the side of the road
A car parked on double yellow lines at the end of a narrow lane
One car and one van parked on double yellow lines.

Thank you so much to all the residents who returned the feedback form. We’ve improved the consultation and want to give an opportunity for more residents to let us know their views.

We’re still working with your neighbour and Block Champion Susan Woodward and she’s supported discussions with the Council to look at how best to resolve these issues.

We’re glad to say that Dawn Germain, your housing manager has submitted an application for a temporary deployable camera to record incidents of fly-tipping. The application was successful and the camera has been installed.

Neighbourhood Improvement Project – Next Steps

We’ve supported Susan to apply to the Neighbourhood Improvement Project, to address the issues mentioned above and provide residents with a permanent solution. The Neighbourhood Improvement Project (NIP) allows Hammersmith & Fulham council housing residents to bid for minor improvements to their estates that add up to no more than £30,000 in costs. For leaseholders, there will be no charge for any works done under this scheme.

Submitted bids are assessed by the Resident Involvement Team. Bids that meet the criteria are then presented to a resident-led group called the Investment Group, who review bid applications from across the borough and make the final decision on where funding is awarded.

We’d like to consult with residents before the Investment Group meet in March 2021, to get your ideas and feedback on the suggested improvements following:

Issue: Address illegal and unauthorised parking.

Solution 1

Install a gallows gate to the Parfrey Street entrance. All residents would be provided with a key to support access to the resident carpark and to support resident deliveries.

Rationale: Currently there is a traffic order in place that allows enforcement of vehicles not displaying a valid permit or blue badge during the hours of operation. This traffic order requires public access 24/7. If gallows gates are installed at both entrances, the traffic order will need to be closed. This will mean there will be no enforcement of vehicles on the estate regardless of who parks there i.e. a gate is left open.

Example of a gallows gate

Solution 2

To close off the additional pedestrian walkway from Parfrey Street which leads to the recycling bins; by installing a black metal railing panel in keeping with the style of your existing boundary fence.  The pedestrian access gate next to the garden would remain in place. 

Closeup of black metal railing

Issue: ASB/Flytipping


Demolish the existing bin storage area and replace with 5 Metrostor Bin Chambers (3 general waste and 2 recycling).

Metrostor Bin Chambers – green roof optional and subject to resident-led maintenance.

An example of 2 Metrostor Bin Chambers with plants growing on top

Rationale: Currently there are four open bins housed within the bin storage area.  A fifth bin for recycling is located on the outside of the bin storage area due to size. This bin is attracting fly-tipping as can be seen from the pictures.

To support the application for funding, we asked all residents who live at Keir Hardie House to complete a short survey and return it to us by Friday 12 February 2021. Your responses will be treated confidentiality and only the overall key outcomes of the consultation will be shared with the Investment Group.

The Resident Involvement Team will inform residents of the outcome of the funding application.