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Join us to support our diverse communities and improve council housing services for all residents!

We’re looking for talented individuals to join us in three exciting roles in the Housing Resident Involvement Team.

The roles are for people who are highly motivated and can motivate others. We’re also looking for candidates who can demonstrate how they would deliver the Hammersmith & Fulham priority “Doing things with residents, not to them” and work with residents to co-produce projects. 

To read about our Community Engagement Officer role, please visit Community Engagement Officer LBHF66090 (

To learn more about our Inclusion Officer role, please visit Inclusion Officer LBHF66072 (

To discover our Resident Involvement Apprentice role, please visit Resident Involvement Apprentice LBHF60891 (

To find out more about how we work with residents, please see:

Housing Resident Involvement

The closing date for applications for all three roles is 04/07/21