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Block & Street Champions Forum Goes Live!

We’re delighted to announce that we now have a new forum for council housing residents who live in street properties or small standalone blocks. Thanks to Val for becoming the Forum Chair and to Caroline for becoming the Forum Vice Chair. Val and Caroline are both residents from Small Blocks who want to work with us to improve how services are delivered to small blocks and street properties.

The Street and Small Block Champions Forum will act as the representative body for residents who live in street properties and blocks that are not part of a larger estate.  We were pleased to have residents from Linden Court, Derwent Court, Ashchurch Park Villas, Millshott Close, Ash Lodge, Clifton House, Benbow Court, the Grange, Kier Hardie House, and Eyot Gardens with us at the first meeting on .

There’s over 75 small council housing blocks in the borough and in excess of 2000 individual council housing street properties, so we’re looking forward to welcoming many more Small Block and Street Champions over the coming months.

The Street and Small Block Champions Forum will be making proposals on all areas relating to the delivery of housing services for street properties and small blocks, as well as working with us to look at ways we can support local communities.

For more information on the Block & Street Champions Forum, please visit Block and street champions | LBHF.